Importance of Research for Government

Research is basically an act of studying something carefully and thoroughly so as to obtain deep knowledge in the same. To be successful, research needs to be organized, summarized and recorded correctly. Research is not just a process which is restricted to the field of science. It can, as well, appeal to people and scholars from artistic, historic or any other field where a person would prefer to do extensive study to obtain relevant information.

The following aspects emphasize the significance and importance of research for government:

Government Policies: Research offers the foundation for almost all government policies, in our economic system. For instance, governments’  budgets rest in part on an analysis of the requirements of people and on the availability of revenues to fulfill those requirements. The expense of needs should be equated to possible revenues and this is an area where research is most needed. Through proper research we can easily develop alternative policies and can well take a look at the effects of each of these options.

Allocation of National Resources: The government has to prepare programmes for coping with all elements of the country’s existence and most of these will be associated directly or indirectly to economic conditions. The plight of cultivators, the difficulties faced by big and small enterprises and industry, working conditions, trade union activities, the challenge of distribution, even the size and character of defense services are issues which require research. Thus research is mandatory with regard to the allocation of nation’s resources.

Social Welfare: Lack of knowledge and understanding is the real cause of various social events. Communal issues, religions riots, the misnomer of social, racial superiority are outcomes of ignorance. With the help of research you are able to do away with all these wrong notions. Research is useful in the welfare and progress of humanity and the society.

Analysis of Economic Structure: Research is essential for accumulating of data on the economic and social structure of the country. This type of information reveals what exactly is going on in the economy, and what adjustments are taking place. Gathering such statistical data involves a number of research problems.

From the above discussed points it becomes clear that research is significant for government.

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