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In simple words, management is the art of getting things done through others. In other words, management in all business activities is considered the act of coordinating the efforts of individuals to achieve objectives and goals making use of available resources wisely. Management is frequently covered as a factor of production together with equipment, materials, and funds. Management includes the manipulation of human capital within an organization to help with the success of a business. In a commercial business, the main function of management is the satisfaction of a number of stakeholders. This usually requires making a profit, producing valued goods at affordable prices, and giving rewarding job opportunities for workers.

Steps in OD Interventions

Organizational development is the term for any course of action which serves to intentionally improve problem solving and renewal processes within organizations. Intervention involves purposeful action by a change agent to create and aid change in a specific organizational setting or system. Interventions in organizations are based on three modes of research: explanation, interpretation, and intervention.

Components of Financial System

A Financial System consists of actions dealing in finance, organised into a system. Financial system performs a vital role in the functioning of the economy. A financial system is the term used for a system which facilitates the transfer of money among investors and borrowers. We have discussed about the following 5 basic components of Financial System: Financial Institutions, Financial Markets, Financial Instruments (Assets or Securities), Financial Services and Money.

Brief History of Operations Research

Operations Research features a wide range of problem-solving techniques like Mathematical models, Statistics and algorithms to assist in decision-making. The name operation research originated in the year 1940. During World War II, a team of scientist (Blackett’s Circus) in United kingdom utilized scientific methods to research military operations to win the war. Right now, the usage of operations research techniques have spread out from military to a number of sectors at all levels.

Knowledge Transfer: Types, Approaches & Process

Knowledge transfer means the process through which knowledge is transferred to people and organizations which can gain from it. In other words, knowledge transfer is the systematic duplication of the expertise, wisdom, and tacit knowledge of experts into the mind and hands of their colleagues. Knowledge transfer has long been a challenge for businesses. Knowledge transfer is only useful if it is included in a set of policies for knowledge generation and capture.