Angad, Angada – Valmiki Ramayana Story

angadAngad in the Ramayana epic, was the child of king Bali and Tara. He was the nephew of Sugriv. He helped Ram to find his wife Sita along with Sugriv and other vanars.

Bali at the time of his death asked Sugriv to take care of his child and also to safeguard him, as Sugriv would’ve done in the case of his own child. Bali said that Angada was dearer than life to him and requested Sugriv to take care of him.

Sugriva consecrated Angad as the prince of Kiskindhya. When Vanars started searching for Sita, he was allocated the post of asst to Nila, among the senior most deputies of Sugriv. He directed him to approach the senior vanars with his command. Once Angada learnt the intricate details of his job he was given the duty to search out Sita in every feasible part of South India, as it was noted that Sita has been hidden in some place of South, either in mainland or in the island. He searched each and every area of South up to the seaside, Rameshwaram, to fulfill his duty. When the battalion was organized to proceed further south, he was basically made the head of the team.

As soon as Sita was discovered within Lanka, Ram wanted to have some peaceful alternative of rescuing Sita and avoiding the war. The messengers sent to Ravan were again led by Angad. He described Ravan what was Ram’s wish and said that if he released Sita the war can be avoided. He tried every strategy to influence Ravan, but Ravan was firm at his decision to have a war instead of returning Sita calmly.

Angad’s Challenge to Rakshasas

At Ravana’s court he positioned his foot strongly on the floor and threw a challenge that if any person in the Ravan’s court was able to uproot his foot Ram would oncede defeat and return back without Sita.

Each and every Rakshasa of Ravan’s army and even his son Indrajit tried to lift his foot but no one succeeded. Ravan was angered because he was feeling humiliated and began insulting Ram with abusive words.

Angada became furious that he hit the ground with enormous power utilizing both his hands and it caused a minor tremor in earth. Ravan fell down and his crown rolled off from his head. Before he could put it again on his head Angada captured it and threw it towards the direction where Ram was waiting with his brother Lakshman.

When Vanaras saw the flying crown approaching them they got panicked. But Ram recognized that those were crowns of Ravan. Hanuman grabbed the flying crowns and placed it at Rama’s feet.

Ravan directed his men to trap and kill Angad but he laughed loudly and left. In the great war of Ramayana, Angad killed Ravan’s son Devantak.

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