Ramayana Story, Valmiki Ramayana

The Valmiki Ramayana epic narrates the life span of Rama, the renowned prince of Kosala Kingdom, his banishment from the kingdom by his father, King Dasharatha, his travels around jungles in India along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, the kidnap of his wife by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, causing a war with him, and Rama's eventual return to Ayodhya to be crowned king.

Bali – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Bali (Vali) ruled the kingdom of Kishkindha. He was famous for the boon that he had received, according to which anybody who came before him lost half his strength to Bali, thus making him invulnerable to any enemy. Once Ravana called Bali for a fight when he was doing his regular Shiva Puja. He took […]

Sundara Kanda – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Sundara Kanda / Sundara Kandam depicts the adventures of Hanuman. Hanuman was lovingly called Sundara by his mother Anjani and this kand deals primarily with Hanuman’s journey to Lanka and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama. HANUMAN WENT TO SEARCH SITA IN LANKA Hanuman flied through the various palaces and gardens in search of […]

Ravana – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Ravana (रावण, Ravan) is the multi-headed Rakshasa the great king of Lanka in Hindu mythology. Ravana is worshipped by Hindus in some parts of India, Sri Lanka and Bali (in Indonesia). Birth of Ravana Ravan was born to a great sage Vishrava (son of Pulastya) and daitya princess Kaikesi (daughter of Sumali and Thataka). He […]

Hanuman – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Hanuman is a Hindu deity, who is an ardent devotee of Ram. Hanuman is an incarnation of the divine and a disciple of Sri Ram in the struggle against the demon king Ravan. Known also as Anjaneya Maruti, Pavanputra, Anjaniputra, Bajrang Bali and Hanumat, He is portrayed as the eleventh avatar of God Shiva (He […]

Kishkindha Kand – Valmiki Ramayana

Rama and Lakshman continued their search for Sita. Along the way, they found Rishyamook mountain where Sugriva lived with his minister Jambavan and associate Hanuman. Sugriv saw Rama and Laksman at the foothills. He discusses with Hanuman as to whether they have been sent by his brother Bali. Hanuman disguises himself as a brahmin and […]

Ayodhya Kanda – Valmiki Ramayana

Ayodhya Kanda is about the preparations for Ram’s coronation as a prince, coronation and his exile into the forest. In Ayodhya Kanda, Raja Dasharath died due to grief. Rama As Prince Regent In Ayodhya Kanda King Dasharath who had grown old expressed his desire to install Ram, his eldest child the Yuvaraja (Prince regent) to […]

Kumbhakarna – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Kumbhakarna was considered one of the most interesting characters in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He was a rakshasa and brother of King Ravana. According to Shiva Purana, Kumbhakarna had one more son called Bheema from his wife Karkati, who fled to Dakshini.

Sita – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Sita also called as Siya, Janaki, Maithili, or Bhoomija, is the main female character of the Hindu epic Ramayana. She was the wife of Rama, and daughter of King Janaka of Videha and his wife queen Sunaina. Sita was believed to be an avatar of Lakshmi. Sita is famous for her dedication, self-sacrifice, bravery and purity.

Vibhishana – Ramayana Story

Vibhishana was a king of Lanka and was the younger brother of Ravana (demon king of Lanka) and Kumbakarna. He was married to Sarama. Vibhishana daughter name was Trijata. In spite of hailing from a demon family, Vibhishana was inclined towards the grace of Lord Rama.

Sumitra – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Sumitra was 3rd of King Dasharatha’s three wives and a queen of Ayodhya. Sumitra was the youngest Queen. She was mother of twin boys Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Of the three queens the wisest was Rani Sumitra. She even inspired Lakshmana to go along with Rama and serve him all through his exile.