Global Strategic Alliance Examples

Global strategic alliances are typically set up when a business desires to edge into a related business or new geographic market. If an organization doesn’t have the capability to do what they want or need to do in coping with their global environment, they should think about a global business partnership alliance.

Some Global Strategic Alliance Examples in Business

Now let us discuss about some examples of successful business partnerships:

Cisco and Salesforce: The Customer Success Platform and the CRM company, entered into a strategic alliance make it possible for business users to be more productive than ever before. The two businesses will jointly develop and market solutions which join Cisco’s collaboration, IoT and contact center platforms with Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud and Service Cloud.

Panduit and Cisco work together across data center, enterprise, and industrial automation applications to offer solutions and architectures which smartly converge logical and physical infrastructure systems.  This kind of alliance allows a unified approach which offers:

  • Lowered risk through pre-validated converged systems and architectures
  • Business agility by means of flexible and scalable architectures
  • Efficiency through upfront design consideration of power, cooling, space, and industry standards
  • Easy implementation through pre-configured and integrated physical infrastructure solutions

In 2001, The Coca-Cola Company and Procter & Gamble declared a joint venture to make use of CocaCola’s massive distribution system to improve reach and reduce time to market for the P&G products.

Global Strategic Alliance Examples

HP and NTT DoCoMo entered into a global strategic partnership to carry out joint research on technology for fourth generation cell phones, combining HP’s network infrastructure and computer servers with DoCoMo’s wireless broadband technologies.

Amazon Web Services and McAfee: The alliance helps clients adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the public cloud using the same security controls available in a private data center. Clients experience the operational benefits of the cloud without having to worry about a security gap.

Star Alliance is the biggest partnership in the airline sector; its reach extends to One hundred thirty countries and more than 815 locations.

Rockwell Automation and Panduit assist clients create a robust, secure, future-ready physical network infrastructure for industrial environments.

Snapchat & Square’s Snapcash: Yet another great example of global strategic alliances in business. Square provides the trustworthiness of secure money transfers as well as a young, hip, complementary brand image for the target market of this service. For Square, it adds substantial incremental revenue and a further boost to its innovative, hip brand image with the association with Snapchat.

IBM and Schneider Electric: The alliance brings together Schneider Electric’s global leadership in energy management and automation solutions with the extensive services capabilities of IBM. Jointly, they provide resilient, energy-efficient and cost effective solutions which support present day business environments.

McAfee and Wipro: They work together to assist forward-thinking clients fulfill the security issues of new technologies like cloud computing, the hybrid data center, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Microsoft & and Genesys bring together best-in-class contact center abilities for the contact center and as well as best-in-class unified communications to provide orchestrated customer engagement to every single customer interaction and journey.

Infosys and Huawei:  Infosys is an international services partner for Huawei. The partnership has senior executive support across both companies to offer advanced solutions in the area of cloud and infrastructure services, improve client experiences, and create maximum value for business clients. Functioning closely with Infosys, Huawei endeavors to create an efficient and integrated digital logistics system which will improve interconnectivity between people and people, people and things, and things and things – to spark unlimited possibilities and potential for everyone, everywhere.

A good global strategic alliance example is between HP and Microsoft. It is among the list of longest standing global partnerships of its kind in the industry, with more than Twenty five years of combined marketplace leadership dedicated to helping customers and channel partners all over the world improve productivity by using innovative technologies. Branded the HP and Microsoft Frontline Partnership, the businesses share technology, engineering and marketing resources to make and promote solutions based on industry-standard computing platforms which help fix some of the most demanding IT issues.

Northwest Airlines and KLM: Northwest Airlines and Dutch airline KLM entered into a strategic alliance in 1993 which ultimately grew into an alliance with other big air carriers.

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Volvo in strategic alliance with Chinese company Dongfeng Motor Group: Merging Dongfeng’s strong domestic position and know-how with the Volvo Group’s technological expertise and global presence can provide DFCV excellent possibility for growth and profitability in and outside China.

Pitney Bowes Global Strategic Alliance With HP: Cooperation provides solutions which offer impactful communications globally. The collaboration between Pitney Bowes and HP extends the solutions portfolio with industry-leading products like the Pitney Bowes IntelliJet® Printing System, utilized by printers and mailers seeking to boost revenues and streamline operations.

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Spotify & Uber: The ability to enter a hired vehicle welcomed by your favorite playlist offers extra value, significant competitive advantage and exclusivity for Uber vehicles. For Spotify, it offers an incentive for customers to upgrade to the premium service.

Infosys and Apigee: The alliance of Infosys and Apigee brings together established digital offerings with Application Program Interface (API) technology to supply improved client engagement. It helps Infosys drive enterprise efficiencies and create new business possibilities for its clients through the strength of connected digital experiences.

I hope the above given global strategic alliance examples between companies will help you in understanding the topic. Globalization mandates alliances, makes them crucial to strategy. International Strategic Alliance is a strategy to reduce the various risks involved in the business. Forming a strategic alliance provides several benefits – Economic, social, technological, Ethical, socio-economic, behavioral, functional and geographical benefit.

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