Logo with an Advertising Slogan

A logo is a graphic symbol widely used by business enterprises, organizations and even individuals to support and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization.

The portrayal of a product/ service with a logo is vital to the branding process. The significance of logo has evolved over the years. Each and every organization today recognizes that a good logo can work wonders for its business. Thus the small graphical image called logo performs a vital role in the building up of a brand.

Having said that, in this increasingly competitive market, every corporation recognizes that it must project its brand in a way which leaves a long lasting impact on the viewers mind. One of the greatest issues that a brand encounters is coping with changes. The world is dynamic and so are the users. Therefore to survive in the marketplace and make its presence felt, some specific product segments need to symbolize their brands by taking a step further than just having a graphical image as their logo. They really need an advertising slogan.

Advertising slogans are short, often memorable phrases used in promotional initiatives. They’re claimed to be the most efficient way of pulling attention to one or more aspects of a product. Its objective is to highlight a phrase that the organization desires to be remembered by, specifically for marketing a specific corporate image or link to a product or consumer base.

Advertising slogans have been an integral part of logos for a long time. An advertising slogan can be a only slogan or a brand slogan. With respect to the advertising campaign, a slogan keeps on changing. A product/ service which has consumers around the globe must have different region-specific slogans to hook up with consumers of diverse genres. Furthermore numerous external events also impact such slogans. Having said that, a brand slogan isn’t a mere slogan which keeps on changing periodically. It’s a long-term investment that communicates the essence of the brand. A brand slogan remains the same unless the need arises to and plays a role in the building up of a brand over a long period of time.

A superb advertising slogan can only be a result of appropriate research and creativity. These kinds of slogans should typically be short and memorable. Merely a glance at it should pull attention and communicate the message instantly. What can be a good and successful slogan differs from businesses to businesses.

It can be simple and humorous; can underline the advantages of the product; in some cases a direct, crisp and concise slogan works wonders with the target consumers. The slogan should give a credible impression of a brand or product. It can also be a simple ‘feel good’ expression, or makes the consumer feel a desire or need of having that product. The formation of a brand slogan certainly relies on the competition and the line of product/ service.

A few powerful unforgettable words are capable of doing miracles to a brand. Small phrases like “Impossible is Nothing”; “Connecting people,” instantly reminds us of popular brands like Adidas and Nokia. An advertising slogan is really a vital tool which helps a logo look relevant through the changing times. As an example, Coca Cola has a common graphical image as their logo however their advertising slogans change from time to time to give it a modern day feel.

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