Exploratory Research Examples

Exploratory Research ExamplesExploratory research could be a one study or a group of informal research meant to offer background information. Research workers have to be innovative in the selection of information sources to be researched. They have to be accommodating enough to research all inexpensive sources which could possibly supply information to assist managers understand a problem.

Some exploratory research examples are given below:

1. If sales for a specific type of cars slipped in the latest quarter, as a researcher you could use exploratory research to give information about what brought about the reduction in revenue.

2. A DVD producer acquired valuable information regarding a sales drop by asking questions from media libraries who revealed that increasing numbers of people were using rented facilities and possibly buying fewer DVDs for them.

3. For example, car marketers have buyers design their dream cars making use of computerized design systems much like those employed by automotive designers. This exploratory study might produce suggestions that might never have occurred to the company’s own designers.

4. A chain saw producer received from its Japanese supplier a suggestion to alter its product with a drilling attachment on the sprocket (substituting the chain and guide bar) so the chain saw could possibly be employed as a mushroom-planting device. The supplier revealed that many such items had been purchased in Japan. Having said that, an experience study with only one person, the president of the Mushroom Growers Association, revealed that the product was not feasible in America. The majority of US consumers prefer a white, cultured mushroom cultivated in enclosed areas or caves as opposed to the selection of mushrooms grown on wood in Japan. The mushroom expert revealed that US consumers believe too many superstitious tales in relation to toxic mushrooms and wouldn’t change their ways of eating to include the Japanese range.

5. Microsoft has utilized groups of researchers to monitor and videotape people who use computers at home and at the job. Recently, the researchers noticed 50 families in seven nations as they utilized the next version of the company’s OS. Through this method, they found over 1,000 problems, about 800 of which hadn’t been identified by software testers.

6. For example, an advertising agency carried out focus groups interviews with serious tennis players. They asked questions to them and found that, however pleasant they were off the court, those who played 2 or 3 times each week were worried about only one thing on the court: winning. These players were excited about any product which gave them a competitive advantage. One focus group member said, “I want a weapon when I purchase a tennis racquet. A menacing racquet with plenty of power is vital.

7. An kids products company needed to determine what is of critical importance to moms of young babies. After having a number of initial focus groups, investigators found that a baby’s health is most crucial to a young mother. The company, which intended to target Hispanic-Americans, next wanted answers to a number of questions. Following are some examples of exploratory research questions which were asked:

  • What is a healthy baby
  • Is a healthy baby identical for an Anglo (non-Hispanic) mom as for an Hispanic one?
  • What does a healthy baby look like?

The research uncovered quite interesting information: A healthy baby for an Anglo mother isn’t the same as a healthy baby for an Hispanic mom. An Hispanic mom wants a baby which is chubby, has rosy cheeks. What a non-Hispanic mother might consider a fit, carefree baby might be regarded as skinny and not well cared-for by Hispanic moms. Healthy Hispanic babies generally wear shoes-or, at least, clean socks. Non-Hispanic mothers believed that a barefoot baby was healthy, carefree, and joyful.

8. A Coffee chain may test a brand new menu item or a new store design in one location prior to launching the change through the entire chain to understand possible functioning issues that could hinder service quality.

I have given a number of exploratory research examples in above text which will help you in understanding the topic easily. Related: Examples of Exploratory Research

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