Institution Building Skills of Managers

Institution Building Skills of Managers (Top Executives)Top executives are generally regarded as the individuals who make key decisions in an organisational set up. A manager requires skills which helps in building an institution or organisation. A manager must have technical, human and conceptual skills; along with efficiency of the organisation he is equally worried about attaining better satisfaction of employees, their welfare, their development which could create an impact on the society and their morale.

What are the Institution Building Skills of Managers (Top Executives)?

Following are the eight major roles of the top level executives for institution-building.

Identity creating role of the top level manager: He creates a unique place for the company by making it special in one or more than one respect. The company may have excellent employee welfare measures which make the employees happy. The manager may also be recognized for his technological innovations and users of the technology outside the organisation are happy about it.

Enabling role of the top level executive: His job is to develop different types of resources like men, material, facilities for work as along with a great work environment. Employees can be trained and updated in their skill. Materials or inputs along with outputs can be multiplied. The executive can even give workers a very challenging and also enjoyable environment to work by understanding their ability as well as willingness to work. Top level executives can undoubtedly enhance their efficiency as well as morale.

Synergising role: A manager may feel that he has to multiply the resources-both human and material, to accomplish the goals of organisation. Collectively these resources can contribute to the targets of the organisation. This implies far more than just aggregate of men or material or money. It indicates right utilization of men, material  and money, especially when these resources are limited. This role of the top executive is a difficult one, as he or she has to uniquely mix resources with their optimum utilization.

Balancing role of the top executive: The role of a manager is to make sure subordinates follow the rules, regulations or procedures. This type of conformity may not be so much stressed that it damages the creativeness of the employees. Allow the employees to be innovative to be able to move  in new directions and react to the  new problems and challenges from the environment. Hence, a balance between the conformity and creativity should be maintained. The organisation can stabilize its work processes and employees to attain the result as innovations are produced by the people to move in new directions.

Linkage building role: A top manager should realize the social obligations of his organisation. He may link the organisation with other technical or financial organisations or government agencies or policy making bodies who may have similar goals.

Futuristic role: The top management may like to expand or diversify or change or reorganise the organisation for meeting new demands and pressures. Top executives must be ready for the importance of the role the organisation can play in future.

Making impact: This implies making an impact of the organisation on others. A prominent manufacturing company of an item can be very influential in a number of ways to influence the policies in the field in which it functions. Examples of digital items like television, smartphones and computers are not uncommon, where superior technology in the manufacturing process is ever on the rise.

Last one is to give superordination to the employees: This can achieved by giving a feeling of satisfaction to the employees of organisation by building in them a feeling of pride that they are working in a really crucial field that is essential for the modern society. For instance, individuals in a fertilizer or oil or steel organisation would be very highly enthusiastic and satisfied individuals as their job is of significance to the world. This feeling of pride has to be brought out by the top manager.

The above points have discussed the institution building skills of managers or top executives. The majority of the institution building activities need the top person to take care of some very important functions.


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