Jatayu and Sampati – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Jatayu Story

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Jatayu was the son of Aruna and brother of Sampati who is a demi-god and had the form of a bird, he was an old friend of Dasharath (Ram’s father).

He  tried to rescue Sita from Ravana when Ravan was on his way to Lanka after kidnapping Sita.

Jatayu fought valiantly with Ravana, but as Jatayu was very old Ravana defeated him without much difficulty. He cut Jatayu’s wings and injured him fatally.

When Rama and Lakshmana came there searching for Sita, they found injured Jatayu.

He was dying but still he informed Ram about his fight with Ravan and also informed them the direction in which Ravan had taken Sita.

Sampati Story

Jatayu and SampatiSampati was the elder brother of Jatayu and the son of Aruna. Jatayu and Sampati were two demigods having the form of birds.

When young they used to compete as to who could fly higher. They fly higher and higher.

On one such occasion Jatayu flew so high that he was about to get seared by the sun. Realizing the danger of their situation, Sampati saved his Jatayu  by spreading his own wings and thus shielding him from the hot flames.

As a result, Sampati himself got injured and lost his wings. Sampati lived wingless throughout the rest of his life.

Sampati turned out to be crucial in Sita’s search later on in the Ramayana.


  1. G.Muralikrishnan says

    Good Day,

    When I was narrating the story of Ramayana my daughter 4 years old asked who is the mother of Jatayu and Sampati, as Aruna is the chariot rider of Agni deva. I was shocked and informed I will let you know. I checked in the website but only Aruna is informed. So please let me know WHO IS THE MOTHER of JATAYU and SAMPATI as Father is Aruna? Nowadays kids so anxious and to know in detail if we regret them they will lose the interest in our traditional and trust in the Hindu culture. So I kindly request to help out.

  2. Thank you very much for the information

  3. Hariharan Sivaji says

    Aruna had two children – Jatayu and Sampati. Their mother was Shyeni as per Mahabharata Adiparva Chapter 66 verse 71 and Ramayana Aranyakanda Sarga 14 verse 32. But as per Kambaramayana, their mother was Mahashweta.

  4. Hi to all, just wanted to know about Sampati dead, my daughter asked me everytime. so please request to all for provide me more information about the same.
    thanks to all

  5. what is the moral message in this story

  6. Sankara D says

    The charioteer’s name is not Aruna. It is Anura. The one that does not have ooruvu (thighs). He was born premature when his Mother Vinata cracks open one of the two eggs. That is how the name Anura.

  7. Sankara D says

    I want to know who the son of Jatayu is. Any information is appreciated.

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