Objectives of Research

Research can be thought as an organized approach including enunciating the problem, forming a hypothesis, gathering data, analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions, either in the form of solution for the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation. Research objectives are actually a specification of the final reason behind undertaking research in the first place.

They aid in creating a specific list of information needs. Only when the investigator understands the problem that management desires to deal with can the investigation project be designed to give the relevant information.

What are the Main Objectives of Research ?

Although each research project possesses its own particular goal, we may think of objectives as falling into a number of following wide-ranging groups:

Academic Objectives: To gain knowledge of a phenomenon or to attain new insights into it. The Academic objective is the acquisition of knowledge and it is the desire for knowledge combined with curiosity which has been the leading force powering a rich variety of research work independent of any material incentive.

Utilitarian objectives: The main objective is usually to have an understanding of the company culture, social life, social environment, problem solving processes etc and thereby achieve a higher measure of control over human behavior in the organization and social context.

Objectives of Research

Research can be useful for representing precisely the features of a specific individual, situation or a group in the organization and results in organization redesign, and design of strategies of improvement.(studies with this objective in view are referred to as descriptive research studies)

Research enables you to figure out the rate at which a particular thing happens or with which it is related to something else.  (research with this object in view are called diagnostic research studies)

It contributes greatly in testing a hypothesis or a casual relationship between variables to discover the cause and effect impacts.

One of the main objectives of research is to find out solutions to questions through the application of scientific methods. The purpose is to discover the truth that is concealed and which has not been discovered as yet.


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    A well-defined objective shapes the foundation for a project’s success. When planning a case study project, the researcher decides on a problem within the project context which is practical for successfully finishing the research task. The consequence of this delineation is an objective which clearly explains the information the research project will offer. This information will help solve the difficulty. The initial step in starting a research project is to map the project context by responding to the following questions: Which problems are concerned within the project situation? Whose problems are they? The next stage is to come up with an effective research objective, which supplies the required information to solve the problem. A good objective in a theory-oriented research study suggests how the research project will contribute to fixing a theoretical set of problems.

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