Problems of Research in Developing Countries

Problems of Research in Developing CountriesResearch in common parlance means a search for knowledge. We can also define research as a scientific and systematic hunt for pertinent information on a particular subject. Following are the main challenges or problems of research in developing countries:

Lack of Training: It is a big problem faced by researchers in developing countries. There is scarcity of qualified research workers. Many research workers take a step in the dark not understanding research techniques. The majority of the work, which goes in the name of research is not methodologically sound. Research to a lot of investigators is mainly a cut and paste job with no insight shed on the collated materials. The impact is obvious, viz., the research results, frequently, don’t reveal the reality. Therefore, an organized study of research methodology is definitely an immediate requirement. Prior to undertaking research projects, investigators must be well equipped with all the methodological aspects. As such, efforts need to be made to provide short term intensive courses for achieving this requirement.

Lack of confidence: The business houses are usually unwilling to provide the necessary information to researchers because of fear of misuse of information.

Repetition: Research studies overlapping one another are carried out in many cases for want of adequate information.

Lack of Interaction: You will find inadequate interaction between the university research department, on one side and business establishments, government departments and research institutions, on the other.

Illiteracy: This has affected the appreciation of the value of research findings by the vast majority of the people (social workers and business executive)

Lack of Code of Conduct: There doesn’t exist a code of conduct for researchers and inter-University and inter-departmental rivalries are also quite common.

Shortage of Resources: For performing a quality research sufficient funds are not provided. This discourages research of all types. Governments, institutions/organizations don’t appreciate the contributions of research findings to economic development and for that reason do not offer adequate amounts for research of all types.

Absence of Coordination: There exists lack of coordination among various organizations responsible for performing research.

Problem of Conceptualization: Many a time problems of conceptualization and problems concerning the procedure for data collection and related things crop up leading to frittering of resources.

Scanty Information Base: This narrows down the volume and quality of literature accessible to a researcher. Put simply, not much research findings have been collected from where a researcher can take help.

The above points discuss the main challenges or problems faced by researchers in developing countries which need immediate attention.


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    Reason is mentioned above are very true, but we would like to expand the field by quoting some countries under developing to help young researchers.

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