Selecting a Research Problem

Major Factors to be Considered in Selecting a Research ProblemThe research problem undertaken for study should be meticulously selected. The task is challenging so help could be taken from a research guide in this connection. A research guide can at most only aid a researcher select a topic/subject but the problem should spring from the researcher’s head.

Major Factors to be Considered in Selecting a Research Problem

The following important factors should be kept in mind by a researcher when selecting a topic for research:

  1. In most cases, subject that is overdone must not be picked, because it will certainly be a complicated task to throw any new light in such a situation.
  2. Too narrow or too un-explainable problems must be shunned.
  3. The significance of the topic, the qualifications and the training of a researcher, the expenses required, the time element are few other criteria that should be considered when selecting a problem.
  4. A professional needs to ask himself the following questions:
    (a) Whether he is properly equipped when it comes to his background to handle the research?
    (b) Whether he has the budget to afford the research?
    (c) Whether the required cooperation can be obtained from people who must take part in research as subjects?
  5. An average researcher should avoid controversial subjects.
  6. The topic picked for research must be familiar and feasible so that the relevant research material or sources of research are within one’s reach. Even then it is extremely challenging to provide definitive ideas regarding how a professional should obtain ideas for his research. To do this, a researcher can make contact with an expert or a lecturer in the University who is already involved in research. He cans also read articles or blog posts published in current literature available on the topic and may think the way the methods and concepts talked about therein could be applied to the solution of other problems.
  7. A preliminary study should be done before picking a research problem. This isn’t always required when the problem demands the conduct of a research closely comparable to one that was already done. However when the field of investigation is pretty new and doesn’t have available a set of well developed methods, a quick feasibility study should always be carried out.

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A researcher must identify the major factors to be considered in selecting a research problem. The topic should be selected appropriately by paying attention to the above stated key points. The problem selected should involve the researcher and should have an upper most place in his mind so that he could tackle all pains required for the research study.


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