Steps in OD Interventions

Steps in OD InterventionsOrganizational Development (OD) is a process of making an organization more efficient in achieving its desired goals. The purpose of OD interventions is to enhance productivity, performance or behaviors via a set of organized individual and team activities. Interventions may be introduced by a change agent as part of a development program or employed by a client following a process to check out the condition of the organization’s health.

Organizational Development: Steps in OD Interventions

The following eight steps in any OD intervention program are in accordance with those in action research.

Step 1 Entry: The requirement for change within a company becomes apparent. An issue is identified. Somebody, or a group of individuals within the organisation, search for a person who is skilled enough to examine the problem or facilitate change.

Step 2 Start-up: The change agent gets into the  scene. He works to describe issues surrounding the problem and tried to secure commitment to a  change attempt.

Step 3 Assessment and Feedback: The change  agent collects details about the  situation and provides decision makers as well as those having a  stake in the change process feedback with regards to the  information.

Step 4 Action Planning: The change  agent works jointly with management and other stake holders to formulate a  corrective-action plan.

Step 5 Intervention: The change agent helps in implementing the action plan and the change process is carried out.

Step 6 Evaluation: The change agent assists the management and other stakeholders to evaluate the change effort’s progress.

Step 7 Adoption: Members of the company acknowledge ownership of the change, and the change is implemented throughout the organisation.

Step 8 Separation: The change agent prepares to leave the organization. As part of the process, the change agent works to disengage while making certain that development will proceed after his or her departure. This step is achievable due to the fact that the knowledge and skills of the change agent have been transferred to the organisation.

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Even though the length and depth of the steps in OD Interventions could differ across interventions, the steps are generally found in one form or another.


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