Top 10 Logo Designing Tips and Tricks

A logo functions as an instant reminder of a business or a product. Designing a logo is like any other kind of design work, to be professional you must pay attention to details. Do not think that a logo is just some colors, fonts and fancy lines put together. It is a brand’s personality, a logo is more recognizable than the brand’s name. We have provided top 10 logo designing tips and tricks in this article.

1. Know Your Audience: Designing a logo is not only about creating an attractive visual. You are actually developing a brand and communicating a position. A logo is for inspiring faith, identification and admiration for a company or product. For example, if you are creating a logo for a fragrance maker, walk around a shop to get an idea.

2. Be Simple: A complex logo is not only hard to recognize, but also repeatedly fails to attract the audience. Always remember that a logo must be describable, memorable and scalable. Usually, the logo doesn’t even need a caption or the brand’s name.

3. Avoid Using Too Many Fonts: There is numerous attractive fonts available and we all love to make use of them. Sadly, making use of excessive fonts will many times cause a loss of coherence. Making use of two different fonts can be helpful to create a contrast, catching the eye.

4. Look For Ideas: If you are finding it difficult to get ideas, search the keywords in a thesaurus or search Google photos for inspiration. In case you maintain a design book, take a look at your earlier sketches – you will certainly find abandoned ideas from past projects, so you may already be looking at the ideal solution.

5. Flexibility: Being flexible will surely go a long way in making a company logo popular. For example, if the logo appears fantastic on cards, but looks awful on a cup, it will in no way gain popularity. In addition, in case the logo only looks good in a color scheme, it cannot be termed a good logo.  A logo must appear good even if it is shown in gray-scale, or a pair of colors which are not part of the original design. Have a look at McDonald’s logo, for example, that will look great regardless of the color scheme used.

6. Do Not Imitate: Everybody has their design heroes and quite often we like them so much that we wish to mimic their styles. Never try to copy other designs.

7. Make it readable: If people can not read your logo, it is completely useless. This may feel like dumb advice, but it’s not hard to get caught in making letters or distorting a font until it becomes unreadable.

8. Aspect Ratios: It is the relationship between the dimensions (height and width) of a logo. If a logo is too tall and thin, or too wide and short, is not visually attractive, and you’ll end up having a variety of layout issues when setting up your logo in artwork, specifically when coupled with other graphic elements like card or business websites, etc.

9. Adjust it for Darkish Backgrounds: It is generally not too difficult to adapt a logo for dark backgrounds.

10. Do not allow your clients to dictate: You must manage your client’s expectations, be realistic and determine precisely what your work needs to convey.

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  1. Highly energetic article. Thanks for providing useful tips for logo designing

  2. Priyanka says

    It is a great article about the logo design and also mention the useful points of how to design a logo more professional. Logo represents our business and its brand. Every business owner looks to make its for brand identity captivating, appealing and unique. Probably the most complete logo design guide I’ve read in a while. Some really good points not covered by other logo design articles. I’m very thankful for you to sharing this valuable post for us.

  3. The tricks and tips are not so unique but, it’s universal for all. This is for those guys who are in beginners level of logo designing.

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