Ramayana Story, Valmiki Ramayana

The Valmiki Ramayana epic narrates the life span of Rama, the renowned prince of Kosala Kingdom, his banishment from the kingdom by his father, King Dasharatha, his travels around jungles in India along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, the kidnap of his wife by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, causing a war with him, and Rama's eventual return to Ayodhya to be crowned king.

Lakshmana – Valmiki Ramayana

Lakshmana was son of Sumitra, third wife of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya . He was thought to be the avatar, in a secondary form to Rama’s main appearance. He served Rama and Sita during the exile, constructing them a house in the forest and devotedly standing guard at night time, and accompanying them on exhausting journeys and long passages of lonely forest life without any criticism.

Bharata – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Bharata was the second brother of the main character Rama and the son of Dasharatha and Kaikeyi. He was married to Mandavi, daughter of Kusadhvaja, younger brother of King Janaka of Videha. After his marriage, he remained with his maternal uncle Yudhajit.

Luv and Kush – Valmiki Ramayana Story

According to Ramayana, pregnant Sita was banished from Ayodhya by Rama because of the gossip of people in kingdom. She took shelter in the ashram of maharishi Valmiki located on the banks of the Tamsa river. Lava and Kusha were born at the ashram and were skilled and trained under the tutelage of Valmiki.

Uttara Kanda – Valmiki Ramayana Story

The uttara kanda is considered to be a later addition to the primary tale by Valmiki and concerns the ultimate years of Rama, Sita, and Rama’s brothers. After being crowned king, a long time passed happily with Sita. However, regardless of the agni pariksha (fire ordeal) of Sita, rumours about her purity are spreading among the populace of Ayodhya.

Mandodari – Valmiki Ramayana

Mandodari is described as a gorgeous woman in Valmiki’s Ramayana. Mandodari was the daughter of Mayasura, a daanava who is a greatly skilled architect and his wife Hema. Following the death of Ravana, Rama advises Vibhishana to take Mandodari as his wife, despite the fact that he already has a wife.

Urmila – Valmiki Ramayana

Urmila is among the key personalities in the Hindu epic Ramayana. She was the daughter of King Janaka of Mithila and Queen Sunayana and the younger sister of Sita. She was the wife of Lakshmana with whom she’d a couple of sons, Angad and Dharmaketu. Regardless of Urmila’s commitment and sacrifice, it has been criticized that poets often neglect her role in the epic.

Sugriva, Sugriv – Valmiki Ramayana Story

The story of Sugriva is part of the Ramayana. Brothers Bali and Sugreeva are the royal apes of Kishkindha forest. However, Vali has denied the younger brother his justifiable share after a misunderstanding, and has banished the younger brother from the empire. Rama assured Sugriva that he would eliminate Bali and would reinstate Sugriva as the king of the apes.

Indrajit Meghanada – Valmiki Ramayana

Indrajit also known as Meghanada was a prince of Lanka and a conqueror of Indra. He was described in the epic Ramayana as the son of king Ravana. Indrajit performed an important role in the great war between Rama and Ravana. Indrajit was the eldest son of Ravana and his wife Mandodari. Indrajit was called Meghanada because his birth cry appeared like thunder. He twice defeated Lakshman and even Rama once.

Jambavan The Bear King – Ramayana Story

Jambavan also known as Jamvanta, Jambavantha, Jambavat, or Jambuvan the King of the Bears, is a sloth bear. He is believed to be immportal. He was the King of the Himalayas who had incarnated in the form of a bear so that he can serve Rama. Jambavan was regarded as extremely knowledgeable and sensible.He had a great understanding of running a kingdom.

Kaikeyi – Valmiki Ramayana Story

Kaikeyi was a princess of the kingdom Kaikeya. Kaikeyi was a warrior from a young age. Kaikeyi was given two boons for her fighting skills by Dasharatha when Indra, king of gods, requested Dasaratha to fight demon Samhasura, Kaikeyi accompanied him.