Criteria for Selecting a Research Problem

A research problem is some difficulty either of a theoretical or practical character that an individual or business encounters and desires to get a solution for the same. The research problem undertaken for study should be diligently selected.

Figure: What is the Criteria for Selecting a Research Problem ?

Criteria for Selecting a Research Problem

The following important considerations should be borne in mind while selecting the topic :

Economic Considerations : Research design work cost money. The value of the expected results should be commensurate with the efforts put in. Small research topics that can deliver considerable returns quickly should be chosen over long term research problems whose gains may be hard to anticipate.

Environmental Factors : Controversial topic shouldn’t be selected for research, until and unless very much justified. The selection of research problem needs to be preceded by a preliminary study. Topics which are very narrowly defined or have a vague outcome must not be attempted. Additionally it is thought that a researcher should be knowledgeable about the domain area in which he/she wants to conduct the research study.

Technical Considerations : The researcher should be sure that sufficient technical knowledge is accessible with which to undertake the research problem. Whereas large problem throws up a number of subjects that are independent of each other, it is advisable to have small individual research problems instituted on each topic.

Human Considerations : In cases where resistance to change or reaction is likely to be high, people’s involvement and contribution should be ensured.

Limitations and Constraints of Research problem : These are as follows:

  • Time limit: The research should be accomplished by the proposed date.
  • Resource Constraints: The research study should be well within the established resources allotted for it.
  • Policy Constraints: The research problem must provide considerations to policy constraints.

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A researcher must find out the criteria for selection of a good research problem. A good research topic needs to be chosen by paying attention to the above stated key guidelines. The research  problem selected should really involve the investigator and should have a top most place in his brain so that he could deal with all difficulties needed for the research study.

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