Significance of Research Design

Significance of Research DesignResearch design offers the investigator an opportunity to carry out different research operations efficiently. This makes research as valuable as possible producing maximum information with minimum effort, time and money.

Researcher needs to consider all necessary precautions when preparing the design, as any error may upset the whole project. The reliability of result, which a researcher is looking, is proportional with design that constitutes a firm foundation of entire body of research work.

Significance of Research Design in Research Methodology

Research design is significant simply because it allows for the smooth sailing of the various research operations, thus making research as efficient as possible producing maximum information with nominal expenses of effort, time and money.

Just as for better, economical and attractive construction of a home, we require a blueprint (or what is typically known as the map of the home) well planned and prepared by an expert architect, in the same way we require a design or a plan in advance of data collection and analysis for our research study. It means advance planning of the techniques to be implemented for accumulating the appropriate data and the strategies to be employed in their analysis, keeping in view the purpose of the research and the availability of staff, time and money.

Preparation of the design must be carried out meticulously as any error in it may upset the complete project. Research design, actually, has a great significance and impact on the reliability of the results achieved and as such constitutes the firm base of the entire edifice of the research work.

Even then the necessity for a well planned design is at times not realized by many people. The significance which this problem warrants is not given to it. Because of this many researches do not serve the purpose for which they are undertaken. The truth is, they may even provide misleading conclusions.

Thoughtlessness in developing the research project may lead to rendering the research exercise futile. It is, for that reason, crucial that an efficient and appropriate design should be prepared before beginning research operations.

The design assists the researcher to organize his ideas in a form whereby it will be possible for him to watch out for flaws and inadequacies. This type of design can also be given to others for their comments and critical evaluation. In the absence of such a strategy, it will likely be challenging for the critic to supply a comprehensive review of the offered study.

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A research design isn’t just a work plan. A work plan details what needs to be done to complete the project but the work plan will flow from the project’s design. The function of a research design is to make certain that evidence obtained allows us to answer the initial question as unambiguously as possible. Acquiring relevant evidence involves specifying the kind of evidence required to answer the research question, to test a theory, to judge a programme or to precisely describe some phenomenon.

It is like a blueprint which we require ahead of time to plan the methods to be used for collecting the relevant data and techniques to be used in its analysis for preparation of research project.


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