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In simple words, management is the art of getting things done through others. In other words, management in all business activities is considered the act of coordinating the efforts of individuals to achieve objectives and goals making use of available resources wisely. Management is frequently covered as a factor of production together with equipment, materials, and funds. Management includes the manipulation of human capital within an organization to help with the success of a business. In a commercial business, the main function of management is the satisfaction of a number of stakeholders. This usually requires making a profit, producing valued goods at affordable prices, and giving rewarding job opportunities for workers.

Causes of Alienation

There are many individuals who suffer the pain of feeling unreal, i.e. they see themselves as an individual with unreal personality. They’ve lost their relationship with themselves and they don’t have a feeling of self consciousness. They feel as if they are helpless and unconscious and act under the control of any force which motivates them, and actually they’re suffering from work alienation. This article discusses about the main causes of work alienation.

Role of Research in Important Areas

This article discusses about the important areas like marketing, production, banking, materials, human resource development, and government where research plays an important role. Research is purposeful investigation that gives a structure for decision making. It is imperative that any type of business in the present environment requires systematic supply of information. It is in this context that the research plays a very important role.

Reasons for Conducting Research

The major reasons for performing research as listed in this article are just a few factors which persuade folks to undertake research studies. A lot more factors for example directives of government, employment issues, passion for new things, wish to understand causal relationships, social thinking and awakening, and the like may as well motivate (or at times compel) professionals to perform research operations.

Threats to Internal Validity in Research

Internal validity is a feature of scientific research which shows the level to which a causal conclusion based on a research is warranted. Such warrant is constituted by the level to which a study reduces systematic error (or ‘bias’). At the time of research design, the threats to internal validity include limited knowledge of, or contradictions in the logic.

Characteristics of Strategic Decisions

Strategic decisions are centered on whole environment where the firm operates, the entire resources and the people who make up the business and the interface between the two. Strategic decisions are complex in nature. Strategic decision making is the central function of a top-level executive. In this article, we will discuss the key characteristics of strategic decision in management.

Characteristics of Effective Performance Management

This article is about the characteristics of effective performance management in organizations. It is about helping staff members to work more efficiently. Performance management means assisting personnel to work more effectively and, by enhancing individual and team performance, improving the all round effectiveness and productivity of the business.

Advantages of Subsidiary Books

There are several advantages of subsidiary books. An important benefit of these subsidiary books is that their use allows for division of labour that is essential in a big organisation. Subsidiary Books help in enhancing efficiency and also enables one to get rid of mistakes.

Steps in Research Design

The steps in research design process interact and often occur at the same time. For example, the design of a measurement instrument is influenced by the type of analysis which is to be performed. However, the type of analysis is also influenced by the specific attributes of the measurement instrument.

Significance of Research in Business

The importance of research in many fields of applied economics, whether linked to business, market, commerce, trade, services or to the economy in general, has greatly increased nowadays. Research helps the organization to boost its productivity and reduce cost.

Key Issues in International Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations (IR) (Labour Relations) holds an important place in International Human Resource Management (IHRM). IR is a system through which workplace activities are controlled; the arrangement by which the owners, the managers and the employees of organizations come together to participate in productive activity. Industrial relations is a group of phenomena, both outside and inside the place of work, interested in determining and controlling the employment relationship.