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In simple words, management is the art of getting things done through others. In other words, management in all business activities is considered the act of coordinating the efforts of individuals to achieve objectives and goals making use of available resources wisely. Management is frequently covered as a factor of production together with equipment, materials, and funds. Management includes the manipulation of human capital within an organization to help with the success of a business. In a commercial business, the main function of management is the satisfaction of a number of stakeholders. This usually requires making a profit, producing valued goods at affordable prices, and giving rewarding job opportunities for workers.

Purpose of Exploratory Research

The main purpose of exploratory research is to formulate a problem and to develop a working hypothesis from an operational perspective. The main objective in these studies is on the discovery of ideas and insights. Which means the research design, ideal for these types of studies should be flexible enough to provide opportunity for considering various elements of a problem under study.

Approaches to Organizational Effectiveness

In the 1960’s and 1970’s researchers became more and more serious about the theme of organisational effectiveness (OE). Organisational effectiveness has become one of the most complicated and debatable parts of organisational research. Usually, it is not clear what experts mean when they talk about effectiveness and it has generated ambiguities in interpreting the results of their work.

Examples of Unit of Analysis

The units of analysis is the key entity which is being examined in a study. It is the ‘what’ or ‘who’ which is being observed. For instance, any of the following could be a unit of analysis in a study: individuals, groups, books, photos, newspapers, town, state, etc.

Techniques of Defining a Research Problem

The technique of defining a research problem calls for setting up boundaries within which a researcher should study the problem with a pre-determined aim in the mind. The best way to define the problem is without doubt a difficult task. That being said, it is a task that you should tackle intelligently to avoid the perplexity experienced in a research process.

Problems of Research in Developing Countries

This article lists the main challenges or problems of research in developing countries like: Lack of Training, Lack of confidence, Lack of Interaction, Illiteracy, Lack of Code of Conduct, Shortage of Resources, Problem of Conceptualization, etc.

Necessity of Defining a Research Problem

The old saying, A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved, holds strong even now. Proper definition of a research problem is a crucial requirement for just about any study. Usually, the formulation of a problem holds much more importance than its solution. The way the problem is defined determines the path for the whole research.

Criteria for Selecting a Research Problem

This article discusses about the criteria for selecting a research problem. The important considerations which should be borne in mind while selecting the research topic are: economic considerations, technical, environmental and human considerations,

Selecting a Research Problem

The task of selecting a research problem is a difficult one, even though it may not appear to be so. This article discusses the major factors that should be kept in mind while selecting the research problem. The topic picked for research needs to be feasible so that the relevant research material are within reach.

Role of Research

The primary role and intent behind research is to help plan and accumulate information on a particular theme. Research really helps to keep track of something before performing it and also helps to discover new stuff by gathering and looking out for what others would have done. The article talks about the role of research in various fields like: government, production, banking, marketing, human resource development and materials.

Significance of Research Design

Research design provides the researcher a way to perform various research operations efficiently. This makes research as useful as possible generating highest information with minimal work, time and expense. Researcher must think about all necessary precautions while preparing the design, as any error may upset the entire project. The reliability of result, that an investigator wants, is proportional with design that constitutes a firm base of entire body of research work.