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In simple words, management is the art of getting things done through others. In other words, management in all business activities is considered the act of coordinating the efforts of individuals to achieve objectives and goals making use of available resources wisely. Management is frequently covered as a factor of production together with equipment, materials, and funds. Management includes the manipulation of human capital within an organization to help with the success of a business. In a commercial business, the main function of management is the satisfaction of a number of stakeholders. This usually requires making a profit, producing valued goods at affordable prices, and giving rewarding job opportunities for workers.

Management is an Art

Art means employing knowledge & skill to try to achieve desired results. The function of art is to effect change and to generate required outcomes via planned initiatives. Management does involve the use of know-how and skills like any other art such as music, painting, sculpture, etc. Management is creative like any other art.

Exploratory Research Examples

Exploratory research is a methodological technique which is mainly focused on discovery and with producing or building theory. In a pure sense, all research is exploratory. I have provided quite a few exploratory research examples in this article which will help you to understand the subject easily.

Three Branches of Accounting

Accounting is generally known as “the language of business” because it is the vehicle for reporting financial information related to a business entity to many different categories of people. This article talks regarding the various branches of Accounting like Financial accounting, Management & Cost accounting, Social & Human resource accounting, Tax accounting, National accounting, etc.

Importance of Research in Business Management

Business research can relate with economics, business strategy and ethics, in fact, anything linked to modern business and trade. Carrying out research in business management is essential mainly because it helps a business plan for the future, based on what may have happened in the past. If carried out successfully it can help a business to make plans on how to become more practical in its industry.

Principles of Good Research

Good research work can often utilize a combination of methodologies, which complement each other. The research should be carried out in a neutral style. As far as possible the researcher shouldn’t influence the end results of the research in any way. Research should be ethical and not risky in any way for the contributors.

Structure of Balance of Payments

A country archives all the inflows and outflows of funds in a statement generally known as balance of payments (BOP). In this article, we have provided the details of structure of balance of payments. The following topics are discussed: trade balance, current account, capital account, errors and omission and foreign exchange reserves.

Capacity in Manufacturing

Capacity planning is the technique of figuring out the manufacturing capacity required by a business to fulfill shifting demands for its products. A disparity between the capacity of a firm and the demands of its consumers leads to inefficiency, either in under-utilized resources or unsatisfied buyers.

Threats to External Validity in Quantitative Research

External validity is an important prerequisite in quantitative research. It establishes whether it is possible to draw more general conclusions in line with the model used and data gathered, and whether results could be generalized to other samples, time periods and configurations.

Scope of Business Research

Business research helps decision makers move from intuitive information gathering to planned and objective study. Despite the fact that researchers in various functional fields may examine different phenomena, they’re comparable to one another since they take advantage of comparable research techniques.

Importance of Research for Government

Research provides the base for virtually all govt policies in an economy. One example is, governments’ budgets rest in part on an evaluation of the wants of people and on the availability of revenues to meet those wants. The cost of wants needs to be equated to achievable revenues and this is an area where research is required.